Binary Masters implement a variety of systems and applications for clients. We give perfect services to our clients to fulfill their requirements to achieving their goals. We involve ourselves from the first stage of the issue reported, see all phases of troubleshooting, testing and implementation, fix it and follow it up with maintenance.

Binary Masters is a system of services, supporting networks, and infrastructure that is designed to be competitive, satisfy customers’ needs, and have a lower environmental impact than traditional business models.

Binary Masters has been providing IT Consulting, IT Management and Technical support services since 2012, for businesses located in the network.

Our primary focus is small and medium sized organizations ranging from 20-200 users. Our wide array of clients and experience gives us a unique perspective to help suit all business IT needs with variable solutions to meet not only budget, but provide performance, stability and security. Our keys to success are being flexible, knowledgeable, providing excellent customer service and business class solutions.

Binary Masters focus on understanding to its client’s needs and delivering IT services & solutions at right value & required speed. We believe “we succeed when our clients succeed by growing and outpacing their competition”.

The Services that we offer are:

  • L1 /L2 /L3 Support
  • Field Support & Site Visits
  • Windows Server Support & Administration
  • Data Center Management
  • Help Desk Management
  • Hardware issues- Repair and replacement
  • Operating systems- Installation and customize
  • Network Management and Administration
  • Backup and Recovery of data
  • Remote Support Solutions
  •  Security Services
  • Environment Setup
  • Online training and certification for N+, MCITP, CCNA, CCNP, Business Analyst

Apart from the above, we concentrate on the following areas in a network

  • Active Directory – Installation, Configuration & Maintenance
  • Network Management & Administration
  • LAN / W-LAN / WAN Technologies – Designing, Planning, Installation, Cabling and maintenance
  • Wi-Fi Configurations
  • Network Security (wired and wireless)
  • Switches & Routers – Installation, Configuration & Maintenance

Binary Masters provides you a onsite / remote support and this includes Hardware, Desktops,Laptops,Servers, Network components.we provide support and services for,

  1. Hardware issues – Repair / replacement / new.
  2. Operating systems – Installation and customize.
  3. Microsoft utilities – Utility commands / Dos Commands, updates, patches, drivers, BIOS etc…..
  4. Backup of data – Back up complete & incremental data on a local network or on a server within premises / cloud computing.
  5. Recover of data – Recover the lost data
  6. Remote support – No worries of taking the device out your premises and it’s fixed remotely.
  7. Live/Online support – Save time and cost. This does not help when the issue is with Hardware failure.
  8. Technical Assistance – Technical support team will solve your queries within the committed time.
  9. Miscellaneous Issues – Cabling, Crimping, Virus issues, Anti-virus installation and so on…….

Another role of the company is Network maintenance and the services include,

  1. Windows Server (2003/2008) – Installation, Configuration and maintenance.
  2. Active Directory – Installation, Configuration and maintenance.
  3. Addressing and assigning the network  – DHCP, DNS.
  4. Sub netting the network – Dividing a network into multiple networks based on requirements.
  5. Wi-Fi – Configuring the wireless networks and maintenance.
  6. Security – wired / wireless network security.
  7. Firewall – Configuration and management.
  8. Configure, Troubleshoot andmaintain Switch & Routers – Installation, Configuration and maintenance.
  9. LAN / WAN Maintenance – Intranet and Internet connections.
We also consider and support Annual Maintenance Contracts.
Within a short period, plans of implementing a cloud set up, server installation and Software access from our server at a very reasonable price will be announced.