Our vision is to provide a set of innovative network security and monitoring tools along with hardware and operating system compatibility by a team of professionals for a small to medium sized businesses that offer flexibility, visibility and control their network. Traditional firewall security strategies remain instrumental in providing security for today’s networked environments, but they are no longer sufficient. Network security is a moving target with vulnerabilities discovered every day, when left un-monitored and uncontrolled results in significant exposure specifically in the form of user productivity losses, legal liability and degradation of network availability and some times server may have to be demoted and network is down.

We are supporting  clients locally and as well as globally. We aim to grow and increase our clients in India, Singapore, U.A.E, Kuwait and U.S.A.

We are handling about 50-80 customers individually. Mainly handle corporate companies that outsource IT maintenance department to the professionals and network specialists. Our staff comprises technical persons, all being Microsoft certified and Cisco certified., The team is supported by a group of SMEs who operate from other parts of India.

We have experts who are qualified CCNA, MSCE, and MCSA, CCNP, CCIE, MCITP, Security, Voice, VOIP, Wireless and other technologies.

Started in the year 2012, Binary Masters a Sole Proprietorship (Individual) company has established itself in IT service industry.